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To Our Water's Edge Community,

Thank you for taking the time to learn about this one-of-a-kind place! I acquired this property in January of 2022 and went straight to work on the much-needed updates and restorations. While this estate was once meticulously maintained, it has been many years since it's been cared for as it should. The property was first established in 1939 and has been a private residence until now.


I am honored to work on this project with an amazing team, who share my passion for the future and the purpose of this place. Together, we improve the condition of Water's Edge every single day. Our work started with the renewal of many of the outdoor areas and continues through each building as we open these spaces for our guests to enjoy. As my vision and the purpose of this land continues to come into focus, this team supports me in every way. I have more gratitude for these people and this place than I could quantify with my words, and I assure you, when you see what this team is capable of, you may realize what gratitude can truly do. 


Our first completed renovation was Nate's Cabin in 2022. This space is a three bedroom two bath creekside haven. It sleeps 8 comfortably with a large kitchen and beautiful views from the patio, over looking The Slippery Rock Creek. This cabin is named in the memory of my dear friend Nate. He is the reason I believe in myself to take on this project and he is the one who empowered me to embrace a vision of this magnitude. I will establish an eco-therapy scholarship fund to honor his memory for decades to come.


Through the summer of 2023 we opened listings for the following fully-renovated spaces; Gwen's Cottage and The Suites. We also painted, landscaped, built new decks and accomplished a vast amount of much needed tree maintenance. While the property has undergone a great deal of improvements, we will be a work-in-progress for many months to come!

We are beyond honored to now be partnered with "Ladybird's at Water's Edge" by chef, Jade Cageao. At the start of 2024, Jade came to the team as our culinary director, and I can only describe our partnership as the collaboration of a lifetime. She shares my vision for the quality of our work and brings a creative passion to this project that I have rarely seen in another person. 

We have been inundated with inquiries for all types of celebrations and of course, WEDDINGS!! We are thrilled to now be booking custom ceremonies for elopements, micro weddings, all-inclusive destination weddings and other custom celebrations. 

We are excited to be approaching summer of 2024! This summer we will be working on many projects focusing on the land including storm water drainage, soil retention, improving the landscape, building the permaculture with invasive plant management and re-establishing native plant species. We will also spend our time applying fresh exterior paint, completing a total kitchen renovation and of course actively hosting tours and booking future events through 2026! 

Over the coming years, Water's Edge will be transformed into an impeccably curated, fully facilitated, eco-therapy-centered venue. The core of our mission is to create a remote sanctum enveloped in nature that provides a safe and therapeutic retreat for ALL PEOPLE. Sure, we’re managing rentals and hosting events at a gorgeous creek front property, but Water's Edge is so much more than that. We are healing. We’re cultivating an environment that will incorporate the entirety of the human experience and the safety to feel it all. We’re building a community. We’re reaching for wholeness of mind, body, and spirit. We’re reconnecting humanity, one walk in the woods at a time.

The Lodge at Water's Edge is a hidden gem that deserves to be restored and cherished for all it has to offer and that is just what we're doing!!  To anyone supporting this project in ANY WAY. I see you, and I appreciate you for every “like” and all the hugs along the way. It ALL counts.

With Gratitude,

Gwendolyn Reno

Owner & Founder                                                                                                      05/09/24

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