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Gwen's Cottage

at Water's Edge


Gwen’s Cottage is located on the privately owned and operated estate, Water’s Edge, which was recently re-established in January 2022 by Western Pennsylvania native, Gwendolyn Reno. This cottage is a newly renovated, 490sqft, studio-style accommodation, perched along side the Slippery Rock Creek adjacent to McConnells Mill State Park. This charming cottage has a wrap around deck that quite literally over-looks the creek and faces the state park land located just across the water.

The Space

Gwen’s Cottage is a studio accommodation with one full bathroom, a generous full kitchen, and french doors leading out of the bedroom onto a wrap-around deck. While this space is under 500 SF, we’ve furnished it intentionally with everything you need and nothing you don’t need. We think it’s perfect, but if there’s something you need, just reach out to your hosts, and they can provide almost anything!

Guest Access

Your cottage is all your own. Your deck is your private space as well. The Lodge is located just outside of your private accommodations, and you’re welcome to come in for a tour and visit us anytime! Our office is located in The South Wing of The Lodge, and that’s where you’ll usually find us!

There are six full-time residents at Water’s Edge. Our director, Gwen, currently lives in the North Wing of The Lodge with her dog, Katie. Our four adorable kitties roam around outside, and you’re sure to meet them when you’re out and about. Don’t worry if you’re allergic! They have a kitty-condo in The Lodge Basement, but are otherwise not allowed indoors because Gwen is allergic too! Even though the cats are not permitted inside the cottage, if you love them, they’ll surely visit your deck and spend lots of time with you outdoors! (If cats are not your fav, no worries; they’ll be able to tell. They leave you alone if you leave them alone.)

Guests of Gwen’s Cottage have two dedicated parking spaces. You should be aware that there is a considerable climb of two full staircases up to the cottage doorway at this time. We will always offer to help you with your bags. There are plans to build a new, closer parking area above the cottage, but that is not available at this time!

We have been working on restoring this estate since the acquisition in January 2022, and we have a good bit left to do. You may see some construction or groundwork during your stay. You may also hear some tools or machines at work!! We are extremely mindful of our guests' experience and do our best to avoid making noise while you’re here unless we absolutely must, and we thank you for understanding that we are a work in progress!!

We host small events in The Lodge, and at times, your stay at Water’s Edge may overlap with other guests' stays, workshops, dinners, celebrations, etc. We take boundaries very seriously here and always share the details of which spaces and times are private or occupied throughout each event or stay we’re hosting. The property is a total of 78 acres. While other guests may be on the property, there’s plenty of room to spread out! At any time, you may see other guests or residents enjoying the shared outdoor spaces like the Slippery Rock Creek or the many hiking trails. We can’t wait to share Water’s Edge with you!!!

Other things to note:

There are MANY staircases on the property. You will navigate inclined trails, outdoor staircases, and considerable climbs if you want to walk around the property. If you are unable to or do not want to embrace the climb, the creek is accessible by a 4-wheel drive truck or SUV. 

We incorporate as much accessibility as possible at this time; however, Gwen’s Cottage is not an accommodation we recommend if you have any limitations when navigating a staircase. We have more accessible options in The West Wing of The Lodge or Nate’s Cabin. These accommodations are available with only a few steps to enter these spaces. We have plans for building ramps for accessibility for both of those rental options.

Due to the nature of the terrain and proximity to the Slippery Rock Creek, it is of the utmost importance that you are aware of the natural dangers present on this property. All guests must be accompanied by a legal guardian, and guests ages 18 and over must sign a waiver upon arrival acknowledging the natural dangers and recommended safety guidelines.

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